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Tree Trimming in Winter Park, FL

Orlando Tree Service 

The most common reasons for tree removal and tree trimming in Conway, FL as well as Orlando and other surrounding cites, are enhanced appearance, increased safety and general maintenance of property. A regularly groomed tree can complement the landscaping of a yard, provide much needed shade and add to the enjoyment of a residential or commercial property.

The Benefits To Professional Tree Service in Orlando

By keeping trees well maintained, a homeowner can prevent damages from fallen limbs due to storms, especially if a tree is located near sidewalks, driveways or within a proximity of any power lines or properties.  Trimming a tree can encourage growth and if it is a fruit tree, it can increase the quality of the fruit produced. If a homeowner performs proper trimming on a regular basis (usually about every 2 years), it can help to eliminate tree limbs growing too close to rooftops.  If limbs grow too close to the house they can assist in the growth of moss and fungi on your roof from too much shade and moisture in those areas of the roof. Tree trimming also makes it more difficult for animals or pests to climb onto the roof and gain access into the home.

Why Should I Hire A Professional Tree Service in Orlando To Trim My Trees?

Each time a tree is trimmed is critical to the health and success of a tree over its lifetime.  Each tree is different and unique and every situation is different and has many variables to consider.  At Affordable Arbor Care we pride ourselves in asking the right questions and providing the best solutions for each situation. Trimming a tree can be a subjective practice, we feel confident that after your consultation with Affordable Arbor Care you will have the confidence that we have the skills and expertise to provide you with the best solution while working within the approved standards of the tree industry. When trees are not trimmed properly, they become vulnerable to diseases and insect infestations. Another advantage of hiring a tree service is that it can be risky and even dangerous for a homeowner to attempt to trim their trees themselves. Without the proper tools, knowledge, experience and equipment it’s very easy to make a simple mistake and cause an injury.

Affordable Arbor Care has the skills and expertise to bring out the natural beauty and health of your trees while adding to the visual appeal of your property. As a fully licensed and insured company, Affordable Arbor Care can trim your trees while maintaining a safe environment. Call us for a free service estimate in both Orange County and Seminole County.

We can assess the needs of the tree, and we’ll work with you to maintain the beauty and structural integrity of each tree and avoid destroying the natural shape of the canopy as well. Affordable Arbor Care uses industry-approved equipment, and we hold to the highest safety standards. We’re located in Orlando, FL and provide services to Winter Park, Conway, College Park, Oviedo, Windemere, Dr. Phillips, Winter Garden, Apopka, Longwood, Azalea Park, Englewood, Dover Shores, Edgewater, Belle Isle, Ocoee, Metrowest, Bay Hill, Williamsburg, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, Goldenrod, Casselberry, Winter Springs, Sanford and Lake Nona. 

When Is The Best Time To Trim Trees?

Ideally, trimming a tree should begin while trees are still young. By trimming the trees in their youth, it is best way to stimulate healthy growth while keeping problems from developing as the trees grow. The best season of the year to trim is during the winter months when most trees have gone dormant.  At Affordable Arbor Care, we are confident in our approach and methods for trimming trees and how it preserves the canopy and avoids “stripping” the tree of its natural look.  In many cases, we perform directional pruning in order to train the tree growth and still achieve the desired results.  It is extremely important to take caution when choosing the correct tree company to trim your trees.  An inexperienced tree surgeon can destroy the natural look of a tree in one trimming session.  Older trees not properly trimmed in the past will still benefit greatly from trimming, but once a limb is removed, it cannot be replaced. A consultation to consult with the homeowner on the proper course of action going forward will be performed during the estimate. 


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